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4 Ways to Fiscalize Your Chemical Purchasing for the Coming Cliff

Submitted by whitney on

With a proverbial fiscal cliff looming on the horizon, and a less than booming economy already upon us, companies will be looking to tighten their purse strings in any way possible. One good way to squeeze a few more dollars out of your facility maintenance budget is to purchase chemicals and industrial supplies with thriftiness in mind. Here are a few ways to save money, both short and long term, when purchasing chemicals for your facility.

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1. Use multi-purpose cleaners: While some jobs require a specific cleaner, and only that type of cleaner will do, there are a lot of jobs for which one cleaning product or chemical can do double, or even triple duty. A good multi-purpose cleaner, such as our GEL BLEACH MULTI-PURPOSE CHLORINATED CLEANER works quickly to clean and remove stains on vinyl, plastic, tile, grout, rubber, and fiberglass, deodorizing in the process.

2. Protect your existing surfaces: This winter, plan to spend a few dollars up front for a good Salt Rinse to treat your carpets and floors with. Salt Rinse is designed to eliminate any corrosive film left behind by ice melting chemicals. What’s worse? Having to spend a small amount now to protect your facility, or having to spend a lot later to replace all those surfaces before their time? A few dollars allocated to making sure your existing surfaces are protected will prevent a costly replacement project.

3. Use wipes whenever possible: Wipes are the go to product for frugal companies looking to minimize cleaning product waste. Rags are expensive to clean and become less absorbent over time, leading to inefficiency. Todays wipes are made from tough materials that stand up to any abuse you can throw at them. Applications range from degreasing and disinfecting, to static elimination and stain removal. Just about any industrial application you can think of  has a wet wipe solution readily available for it.

Wipes are already doused in exactly the right amount of precisely the solvent you need, reducing the risk than an unwitting employee might use too much, or too little product to get the job done, wasting either money or time.

4. Plan ahead to save on shipping: Shipping is expensive, and placing several small orders can add up to a hefty shipping balance in the blink of an eye. Plan well ahead and anticipate what your facility maintenance needs will be the coming months. Consider ordering your wintertime deicers and surface protection chemicals with an earlier fall or summer order to see only a fractional increase in one shipping charge, instead of a whole separate bill later.

You don’t have to sacrifice the cleanliness, or safety of your facility just to decrease spending if the need arises. A little forethought can go a long way in staying within your budget as we face an uncertain economy in 2013.

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