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Improving Winter Safety for Workers

Submitted by whitney on

Colder seasons present different safety issues than warmer months. As we struggle through the chilly days, whether working inside or out, our employees safety should always be paramount. Here are 3 quick and easy ways to improve workplace safety during these gloomy winter days.
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1. Keep pedestrian pathways clear of ice and snow.

Walkways and parking lots are often open to the elements, allowing for the accumulation of slippery ice and snow. Use a granular deicing agent such as Green Fire around these areas to reduce the chance that an employee might slip and fall. Green Fire has the added benefit of being lanscape friendly, saving your grass and shrubs from damage as well. Your bottom line gets a dose of protection too. Since Green Fire is tinted green it lessens the instances of  redundant coverage and over-application.

2. Stock Windshield Deicer in all company vehicles.

Windshields can freeze over in nasty weather and cause impaired vision for the driver of your company vehicles. Be prepared for emergency storms and keep a handy stash of aerosol windshield deicer in every company vehicle. As an added bonus, this same product does double duty as a defogger for the inside of that same windshield, if needed. And as always, be sure your company vehicles wiper fluid reservoirs are filled with a quality ice reducing fluid for quick fixes on the go.

3. Keep antibacterial wipes stocked.

Germs come with the territory in cold and flu season. Keeping antibacterial wipes handy around the office or job site ensures that your employees have no excuse not to destroy, on contact, any bugs trying to worm their way into your company.

Wipes aren’t just to keep our hands clean either! Surfaces we touch on a regular basis, such as car door handles, steering wheels and computer keyboards are breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses. Wipe down common surface areas regularly to prevent the spread of colds and flus, and keep your workforce strong and healthy.

Our employees provide us with loyal service day in and day out. Taking a few simple precautions will prevent a litany of possible disasters, and show your workers how important their safety and well-being is to you.

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