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Welcome to the AP Clean Blog

Submitted by whitney on

Welcome! We are a family business with a long history of giving our customers the quality industrial-sized solutions they need, with the care and concern that only a family business can provide.

Look to the AP Clean blog for tips on the latest products, seasonal insights, and valuable information on the most important and relevant emerging developments in industrial chemical circles. We are enthusiastic about sharing our products and experience, and look forward to helping the industries we serve to better manage their industrial chemical needs.

Industrial cleaning problems span a wide spectrum, and no single cleaning product can solve every problem. We want to help simplify the process for you by sharing information about current trends in chemical cleanup, discussing issues that impact your purchasing decisions, and pointing to new and improved products and processes that can make your problem solving process easier and less time consuming.

AP Clean is your complete source for 100% made in the USA, quality industrial maintenance supplies such as industrial cleaners and degreasers, detergents, equipment cleaners, lubricants, floor cleaners and finishes, disinfectants, environmentally friendly products, herbicides and insecticides, winter products, silicones, emulsions, specialty products, and   plus much more. We’re also proud to offer silicones and emulsions, including food grade and kosher certified products.

Chemical needs change over the course of a year, so the chemical solutions you seek in the summer, may not be the same products you need in the winter. Right now it happens to be winter, so we’ll be starting out with some blog posts discussing helpful products that shed light on ways to most effectively promote safety and efficiency when it comes to winterization and cold weather cleanup.  

Seasons aren’t the only thing changing with time. As trends and technologies in cleaning and maintenance solutions evolve it can be overwhelming keeping up on all the latest information. We look forward to sharing the most up to date trends, research, and technologies as they emerge.

We can’t wait to share and discuss all the important issues that we face as an industry. Feel free to comment, ask questions, and share the posts with your colleagues and friends.

Best regards,

Paul Krause































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