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Problems Facing California's Oil Boom

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While the news is busy covering the Williston basin region and all the economic growth from oil productions there, California might be posed to get in on some of the action and light up an oil boom of our own.

Five Reasons to Replace Your Old Rags With Wipes

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Wet wipes are a fantastic alternative to reusable rags in industrial settings. Specified solutions exist for degreasing, disinfecting, static elimination, stain removal, insect repelling, general purpose cleaning and an array of other subcatagorized purposes within those realms.

4 Ways to Fiscalize Your Chemical Purchasing for the Coming Cliff

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With a proverbial fiscal cliff looming on the horizon, and a less than booming economy already upon us, companies will be looking to tighten their purse strings in any way possible. One good way to squeeze a few more dollars out of your facility maintenance budget is to purchase chemicals and industrial supplies with thriftiness in mind.

Improving Winter Safety for Workers

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Colder seasons present different safety issues than warmer months. As we struggle through the chilly days, whether working inside or out, our employees safety should always be paramount. Here are 3 quick and easy ways to improve workplace safety during these gloomy winter days.

Welcome to the AP Clean Blog

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Welcome! We are a family business with a long history of giving our customers the quality industrial-sized solutions they need, with the care and concern that only a family business can provide.

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