AP Clean

Industrial Cleaning Supplies and Degreasers

Industrial Cleaning Supplies are our strongest, commercial strength products and are available in aerosol or bio-clean concentrate forms. Choose from concentrates, cleaners, solvents, or detergents and customize desired strength to your own cleaning needs. Conveniently available in gallons, pails, or drums. 


Industrial Degreasers

Industrial degreasers penetrate heavy deposits to clean grease safely and effectively. AP Clean offers all-natural, low phosphate, and butyl products to cut grease from a large variety of surfaces. Special degreasers include Triple Zero, which rates a zero in the three NFPA categories of health, flammability and reactivity and Blast, which removes grime and grease from vehicles and then releases the contaminates from the rinse water so that the water can be recycled.


Ind. Cleaners and Degreasers

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